Jewelry NYC

Jewelry NYC

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Jewelry NYC.

There are many companies that sell Jewelry NYC. Most of these companies and shops have many different styles, often from different designers.


When shopping people like choices. These companies and shops in carrying a wide variety of items fill this customer want. In addition to this people have favorite brands or designers that complement their personal style. Furthermore, different designers and brands will have several differences such as location, style, and materials. When people choose a brand, they aren’t just choosing a look they are choosing to support something that aligns with their views.

Julie Vos

One of these Jewelry NYC designers is Julie Vos. Based in New York City he makes six to eight new Jewelry NYC collections each year. She has a passion for the fine arts and likes to spend her time traveling.


Now, most people would think that travel is a leisure activity but for Julie it is not only that buy a way to inspire her craft. She absorbs the glorious details of the cities she visits – the architecture, the art, the ironwork – and interprets it to create stylish and sophisticated classics that make women look and feel beautiful. This is one of the reasons why her jewelry is so vibrant and unique.


Her Jewelry is Designed and handcrafted to the standards of fine jewelry. Made of semi-precious stones, pearl and imported glass, hand set in 24k gold plate over nickel-free brass and sealed to prevent tarnish.

Established in 2006, the brand is modeled on the belief that we create the beautiful world we live in, with inspiration and discipline, and this philosophy translates in the design of every piece of jewelry. She puts her passion in to every piece of handmade Jewelry. You can see her new collections starting spring.

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