Fair trade

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Fair trade improves millions of lives, protects land and waterways in 45 countries. This can be through products like coffee, Chocolate, and jewelry. Fair trade can also be done through donations.


Starting back in the 1950s when tourists would visit other countries. They would notice that local farmers and artisans would struggle to keep their businesses running. These tourists would buy the local products and then return home and sell them at a marked-up price. Then they would return the that country and give the profits back to the businesses.

Due to that this can be easily exploited, the Fair trade certified seal was created. In the 1990’s Fair trade USA was founded. Thus, forcing accountability ensuring that the profits go back to the communities that need it around the world.

The certification process is about 6-9 of commutation and documentation. the company hires a 3rd party to investigate to confirm that they are up to fair trade standards. The company opens a “premium fund” account with the profits. This fund goes to a community project agreed on by the committee of fair trade. This project can be something as simple as giving bicycles creating an easier commute to work and school. Another example of a project is a nursery school being built next to the factory.

One such company Mishky is Fair trade certified.

Mishky is an artisan jewelry company that creates hand made jewelry. Mishky combines traditional Colombian style with current fashion trends. Furthermore they focus on improving the life of low income Colombian woman. These women are given jobs creating their jewelry in their homes. This in turn allows these women to stay at home and spend time with their families. Mishky’s message is to share compassion, integrity, to promote woman’s rights, and a love for children and the environment.


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