Jewelry NYC

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When one thinks about Jewelry NYC they think about the major stores. These include Jared, Kay, Zales and Tiffany but I not limited to these. The major department stores like Macys, Khols, and even Walmart have Jewelry NYC departments. This can lead to a lot of travel and time. There are reasons for and against shopping in a major store.

Why it’s good to shop in a major store for Jewelry NYC:

There are several reasons why its good to shop in these stores. There is a wide selection in many of these stores. In addition to the stores for Jewelry NYC tend to have a helpful staff leading you through your journey to find that prefect piece. These stores also have catalogs so if you see something you like but don’t have it in your size, they can order it for you. Furthermore, these companies are what they are today because of the service and experience in that field.

Why its bad to shop in a major store for Jewelry NYC:

Even with the selections given in major stores one can find these and even more options online for Jewelry NYC. In addition to this because they are major stores its about the numbers not the individual costumer. If you are taking a long time to decide of Jewelry NYC a sales rep may move on to the next costumer.

These major stores have such a high demand that they have to mass produce pieces to keep up with consumer demand.  They produce machine made jewelry, this is both good and bad.

Its good because they have enough stock to ensure everyone gets what they want. In addition to this the cuts of the stones are cleaner, and the items tend to be sturdy.

Its bad because you may run in to someone that has the same item as you. Furthermore, these companies don’t put the time and care in to creating Jewelry NYC as a handmade jewelry company does.



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